air photograph showing forest cover, farm land and pond

To assist property owners and potential buyers with questions about regulation limits, the LPRCA provides a Property Inquiry Service. Current owners, potential buyers, or lawyers and real estate agents acting on behalf of their clients may request information about a particular property.

The LPRCA will provide comments stating whether a property is likely to be affected by Conservation Authority policies and regulations and if there are any previous or outstanding violations on the property. This file search response provides a formal record of the inquiry and offers valuable information to the client when making decisions to purchase, build on, re-grade or alter natural features on the site. In other cases, the file search response serves as official confirmation that the property is not affected by Conservation Authority policies and regulations, and provides the client with added peace of mind. LPRCA staff cannot advise you on whether or not to purchase a property; we provide the information to help you make an educated decision.

Download Property Inquiry Application, below, and submit with your fee. A fee is charged to cover the cost of reviewing each individual site and a formal, written response is issued.


Property Inquiry Application