Obtaining A Permit

If you think your property is regulated, please contact Long Point Region Conservation Authority directly so we can discuss your proposed project. If your proposal is a regulated activity in a regulated area, a permit is required. Permit application forms are available to download, as well as, from our office or via email or fax.

Permit Applications

If your property is subject to O.Reg. 178/06 and development is proposed, an application for permission is required. Download a copy of the Permit Application and submit with your fee.


STEP 1 Call and discuss your plans with us

We strongly encourage you to first contact our office to discuss your plans. This free consultation will help you determine whether a permit is needed, and if so, what to expect during the permitting process and whether drawings and studies are required.

To discuss your plans or make an appointment, call 519-842-4242 or email us at planning@lprca.on.ca.

To ensure the appropriate staff member is available to speak with you and minimize your wait time, please make an appointment before visiting our office.

STEP 2 Submit an application form and fee.

Application forms and the current fee schedule are available by calling our office or visiting www.lprca.on.ca.

Avoid delays and complications – Make sure your contractors and consultants talk to us
before completing your detailed drawings or technical studies.

STEP 3 The Review Process

Every proposed project is unique, so the information required for a complete application and the time required to review each application varies. LPRCA recommends that you apply at least 4-6 months before you plan to start work.

Applications for minor activities where no technical studies or review are required can be processed in 30 days or less.

If the nature of your plans and your property is more complex or if technical studies and review are required, the review process can take longer. After receiving your application, we will let you know within 15 days whether it is complete, and if not, what is missing.

After receiving all the required information, a decision will be made within 30 days.

Download Application Process Chart here

Permit Review

LPRCA may grant permission for development in or on the areas described in O. Reg. 178/06 if the control of flooding, erosion, dynamic beaches, pollution or the conservation of land, or an alteration to a watercourse or interference with a wetland is not affected by the proposed works. The onus is on the proponent to provide the supporting documentation, technical studies and reports to satisfy the  Regulation.

LPRCA staff may require any submitted plan(s) and/or professional report(s) be peer reviewed by an expert in the field. The completion and submission of supporting documentation does not necessarily guarantee a favourable outcome.

When considering an application for permission, LPRCA staff evaluates the application based on conformity with LPRCA's Policies, LPRCA’s Shoreline Management Plan (1989) and the following Ministry of Natural Resources Technical Guides (1991) that include detailed engineering, geotechnical and scientific principles, practices and procedures for hazardous lands identification, planning and management:

Other controls, which address Conservation Authority issues, may exist through the local Zoning By-Law, Official Plan, site-specific development agreements and/or other legislation (e.g., Endangered Species Act). Proponents are advised to consult these documents for their specific requirements. 

LPRCA cannot refuse an application without providing you an opportunity to speak to the LPRCA Board in support of your application (i.e. scheduling a Board Hearing). The preparation process for a hearing usually takes five to eight weeks after receipt of a complete application.


The Conservation Authorities Act provides the legislative basis to allow Conservation Authorities in Ontario to charge fees for services approved by the Minister of Natural Resources. Section 21(m.1) of the Act allows for the collection of fees for planning and development related activities such as:

  • Permitting
  • Plan review
  • Public and legal inquiries

Refer to the Fee Schedule to determine the category of works and the type of permit you will need, as well as, the applicable fee. Please forward a cheque in the appropriate amount made payable to the LPRCA along with your permit application.  Credit card payments are accepted over the phone or in person at LPRCA's administration office.


LPRCA Permit Application & Fee Schedule For Ontario Regulation 178/06