Pow Wetlands sign - Credit: Earl Hartlen
Credit: E. Hartlen

The Long Point Region Conservation Authority’s Strategic Plan provides direction on ways to handle many critical watershed resource issues. It identifies five strategic objectives and the actions that will be taken to meet these objectives.

The plan was approved by the LPRCA board in October 2013. It was developed following a series of meetings involving the Board and LPRCA staff.

LPRCA Strategic Plan 2014-2018

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Goal #1

To develop and maintain programs that will protect life and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion.

Goal #2

Maintain and enhance watershed health.

Goal #3

Link people to the environment through outdoor, education and cultural heritage experiences.

Goal #4

Maintain an organization committed to teamwork, positive change and excellence.

Goal #5

Work collaboratively with watershed stakeholders to deliver high-value, efficient and innovative solutions.