People swimming in Lake Erie and on the beach at Norfolk Conservation Area

Enjoy our good nature at Long Point Region Conservation Areas.  Spending time in nature has many health benefits and is a great way to energize your body and mind!  Natural areas such as LPRCA conservation areas provide places for residents and tourists alike to live healthy and active lifestyles.

The LPRCA owns about 10,930 acres (4,425 ha) of land in the Long Point Region watershed.  Much of the land is preserved in its natural state, and is available for the public for activities such as hiking, photography, hunting and bird watching.  There is no entrance fee but these areas have limited facilities and there is no staff on site.  Parking lots may not be maintained year round.

The LPRCA also operates five conservation areas which offer a broad range of recreational activities including camping, swimming, canoeing, fishing and more.  Entrance and special event fees are charged at these areas.

LPRCA hosts a number of nature and heritage events throughout the year providing opportunities for both adults and children to get outdoors and have fun.  Special events and outdoor education programs also provide opportunities for people to learn about local environmental issues, and what actions can be taken for achieving a healthier watershed.

Things to Do

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