Backus Masquerade Ball

Ball and Dance workshops located in the Conservation Education Centre at
Backus Heritage Conservation Area

Step back in time at an authentic 19th century Masquerade Ball featuring music and
dances from the 1860s. Lose yourself in a night of merry abandon as masked dancers
create a mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of the famous “Fancy Dress” balls popular
in the 19th century.
Dances will be chosen from sources from the 1860s and costume can be “fancy dress”
as a historical figure or fictional character and any period from medieval to late 19th
The merry revels will be led by Dance Mistress and Historian, Cathy Stephens. Madame
Stephens will lead daytime workshops so everyone will have a chance to learn the basic
steps and figures of these intriguing period dances.
Tickets for the whole weekend are $25 per person and include 2 dance workshops, and
the evening ball.
Presented in partnership with Cathy Stephens, Dance Mistress

Price: $25 per person
Address: Backus Heritage Conservation Area, 1267 Second Concession Rd, Port Rowan, ON N0E 1M0 (Map It) Directions
Phone: 519-586-2201 ext 228

Saturday, October 27, 2018 1:00pm

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