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The Long Point Region Conservation Authority owns and operates 13 small dams and water control structures within the watershed.

The LPRCA operates water control structures at the following conservation areas:

  • Backus Heritage CA – fishing; no motorized boats permitted
  • Brook CA – partially decommissioned 2007
  • Deer Creek CA – canoeing; fishing; boating (electric motors only)
  • Hay Creek CA – fishing; no motorized boats permitted
  • Lehman CA – fishing permitted only below dam (Observe sanctuary rules); no boating or swimming permitted in reservoir
  • Little Lake CA – fishing; boating (9.9 hp motor maximum)
  • Lower Big Creek CA – water control gate; Big Creek canoe route access point
  • Norwich CA – fishing; no motorized boats permitted
  • Rock’s Mill CA – partially decommissioned 2010
  • Sutton CA – partially decommissioned 2004
  • Teeterville CA – fishing; boating (9.9 hp motor maximum)
  • Vittoria CA – fishing; no motorized boats permitted
  • Waterford North CA - water control gate maintained by LPRCA; canoeing; fishing; boating (9.9 hp motor maximum)

Dams and water control structures of all types can be dangerous. It is important for everyone to be aware of the hazards created by dams and to keep these hazards in mind as you enjoy the outdoors.  Regardless of their size, type of construction or intended use, all dams present certain hazards.   It is important to remain well away from the water and be aware that:

  • Swimming in the reservoir above the dams or in the creek below the dam is extremely dangerous and is not permitted.
  • Fishing near or on the dams is not permitted.
  • If there is an emergency call 911 immediately.

If exploring the possibility of decommissioning a dam on your property, or improving fish and wetland habitat associated with your dam please contact the LPRCA’s Lands and Waters Supervisor and/or our planning department.

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